Basic Usage

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Basic Usage

Postby Gluber » Sat Jan 23, 2016 1:48 pm

Hi !

I have a very basic usage question for AT2....

I am on Unity 5.3,64 bit

I have raw terrain data that is
a 4097² Heightmap
a 32k Albedo Map
and a 32k Normal Map..

Now i wanted to use AT2 to actually put this onto a terrain in Unity..

But somehow i must be really confused... am i correct in the following assumption around the workflow ?

1. Import the texture maps ( it does not matter that unity only supports 8k res as AT2 will use the full res source )
2. Create material using those texture maps
3. Convert the material to an Ampliy Material ( using the tools or manually )
4. Apply the material to the terrain
5. Ad AT2 Manager to scene
6. Ad AT2 Camera to my camera
7. Reference camers and VT in the manager object.


However my big problem is step 1.
I tried every file format i could think of ( jpg,png,bmp,tga ) as soon as si copy the 32k textures to the unity assets folders unity either crashes or throws some other error (NullReference or TCAlloactor related ) so a texture asset is never created that could be converted to a VT....
( It should not be a hardware limitation i am on an 8 core, 64 GB Ram machine with 2x GTX 980 )

So what other ways are there to get my 32k textures to be used on my terrain using AT2 ?
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Re: Basic Usage

Postby Ricardo Teixeira » Sun Jan 24, 2016 5:12 pm


Thank you for getting in touch, we would be happy to help. You are on the right track the only problem being on step 1 with the 32k Unity texture import issues.

At the moment AT2 will use the texture at its maximum resolution(16k Windows, 8k Mac) provided that it's imported into your project, this is a Unity limitation that we intend to bypass in the near future with the introduction of our own import tool.

A quick way to bypass the import issue is to divide the 32k texture into 4 16k textures and use a Multi-Tile UV naming convention, MARI UDIM's or simple XY coordinates. Be sure to check the Amplify Texture 2 Manual for additional information, section 5-6.

Let us know if you have any additional questions, we would be happy to help you set it up.

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